About me

I’ve been working as a full time designer for 9 years now, and since I started my set of skills and my title has been changing, constantly.


Greetings from Amsterdam.

I’m a freelance designer and illustrator from Santander currently collaborating with a well known advertising agency in Netherlands. Before of that I’ve worked as UX designer of Spil Games. And previously, as Interaction and Visual designer in M2Mobi and with a couple of other digital agencies and startups.

I’ve designed apps and websites for a famous beer brand, an airport, a hospital, dance festivals, video games or even for a tattoo shop.

During my last months at Spil Games I was approached many times to help startups and small/medium companies to improve their websites or apps. I helped some of them when it was possible but with the constraints of a full time job, so I had to work on weekends and it was quite though. And after a lot of thinking I’ve decided to start to fly solo.

My first days…

I started working as an internship and afterwards art director junior inCodigo Visual, a medium size advertising agency in Madrid, after finishing my University Degree in Advertising & PR with a master on Creativity. I worked there for three years and then I moved to Dommo (other agency in Madrid) where I got more experience working for brands as Ikea, Multiópticas or Yoigo.

In both places I had to wear many hats, that gave me the chance to learn about logo and print design but also about first modern web design approaches or guerrilla marketing. While I was working there I studied traditional illustration for two years, what shaped my way of working and my career.

Moving to Amsterdam…

After four years immersed in the Advertising World in Spain I had the opportunity to start working as Visual and Interaction designer in M2Mobi, in 2011, in the exciting Startup Tech World in Amsterdam, and I didn’t hesitate. I work there for a couple of years and I learned a lot about designing apps. I also had the chance to work with excellent clients as Heineken or Schiphol Airport.

in 2013 Spil Games offered me to join them and I’ve been working since them. During that time I’ve created few gaming apps and I’ve redesigned main Spil Games gaming portal, to mention a few examples.


Let me tell you bit more about me, I’m an active person and really passionate about design. When I’m not busy drawing or brainstorming with my friends (AKA “going for beers”), I’m playing around with my skate, biking, getting a new tattoo or painting. I also travel every time I can, I love to visit new places and I try to go to art and design events as much as possible.

My poisons: Black novels, dark comics, european expressionism, traditional tattoos, graffiti, 80’s movies, food, instagram, craft beer, hip hop, punk, blues, reggae, grimy fanzines, skateboard, stickers…

Artists who inspire me: Munch, Okuda, Iggy Pop, Jeremy Fish, Mike Giant, Van Gogh, Pollock, Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge