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How to update Animated Banners

1 – The banners are made in two steps. To start, we edit the frames with sketch app. Once those frames are correctly edited and exported we animated them in Photoshop.

2 – Download this folder with the banners. Start making a copy of the folder with the last version of the banners. Change the name of this new folder accordingly.

3 – Install Adobe Photoshop and Sketch app in your computer.

4- Download and install the fonts.

5- Now go to the new folder with the files and look for the edit files (those are the files with the .sketch extension). Open them.

6- The video below shows how to edit the text boxes in sketch and how to export the files.

Few notes about the video:

To edit the text files you just need to click twice on the text boxes. Once you’ve updated the texts you can export the files. To do so select the pages you need to export (clicking on the name of the page, it’s just above the page on the top left corner). Once you’ve selected the pages press on the export selected button on the bottom right corner.

7- The video below shows how to update the animated banners in photoshop.

Few notes about the video:

Keep in mind you need to have the “Timeline” and “Layers” window  visible all the time to work with animated banners.

In order to replace a frame you just need to delete the screenshot you want to replace and add a new one. To add this new one you just need to press on file/place embedded. Once you’ve added the new frame, make it invisible in the parts of the video you don’t need it. You can do that pressing on the “eye” icon in the layers window.

8- Once you’ve updated the banner file in photoshop you can export it pressing on /file/export/save for web. A settings screen will be shown. Choose .gif in presets , 250 colours, “forever” in looping options and press save.

Any doubt send me an email to margallo@ayondo.com or text me on skype or slack.