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2 days: an app for events

Introducing 2 days, an IOS and Android app to discover new events in Amsterdam, share them with friends and buy tickets in just a couple of steps.

The team needed to create a good MVP to start showing it to investors as soon as possible. When they contacted me they didn’t have a designer and they liked my previous works as Visual designer.

When I started to work with them, they already had an idea of the product and a working draft version of the app. So I started building an understanding of what the apps core use was and further discussion help to solidify the requirements.

In a nutshell, it’s a curated list of forthcoming events in Amsterdam, sorted by days within a week period. After many, many lengthy discussions, research, sketches, wireframes and yet more wireframes we decided that the app could be displayed in three main columns, each one representing a different day. In the end, we decided to show events for today, tomorrow and the weekend.

To interact, tap on a specific event to see more about it, share or buy tickets.

How to go from one day to the next one? Swiping. (Swipe is an ok gesture for empowered users, the same ones that are open to do transactions with their phones, yes).

I created an UI Kit, with a modular approach in mind, so I kept every element consistent. This way of designing User Interface elements consists of starting from a small element of the app or website, for example a couple of buttons, and based on those small elements create the rest of the UI. It’s more or less like playing with Lego.

Based on the chosen colour combination crafted an, almost flat, minimal UI and an icon set that could be used to represent the different type of events. It was clear that we wanted to avoid the “classic list view” with small thumbnails and a lot of text so we decided to show the events as big(large) images with information on top (trying to emulate the real tickets in a digital environment). You can use the app in your iPhone or Android phone.