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Heineken Experience

To do a good, deep research for this project we were invited few times to the Heineken Experience Tour in the old factory in Amsterdam. Very immersive 

Context of the project

We were hired to create a mobile version of the interactive tour available at the Heineken Experience. Our app included many languages that weren’t available at the original tour. 

The Challenge

How to add in lightweight app so many different videos, each of them in seven different languages? Impossible, that’s the answer… 

To create an app that allow us to have all those option and keeping it light we create a two-parts app, The 1st part was pretty light, and just included the age gate and the language selector. Once the user choose the language the second part of the app starts to download, showing a funny animation of a Heineken beer being filled. The users are advice to download that part using Heineken Experience’s free Wifi network .


We did the tour at the brewery many times. We mapped every step of the tour and took photos of the place as a reference. Once we got a clear picture of the tour we translated that into wireframes. In that step we planned the different interactions and gestures.

The app was designed when the common practices in UI were pretty different than the current standards but it’s looks up to date.

Scrum and daily stand up meetings

The time frame to design and develop the app was pretty tight, but doable thanks our daily stand up meetings and good use of the scrum methodology.

Work process

The process was:
1  – Creation of the Interaction design (without visual features)
2 – Start to develop IOS and Android (basic interactions)
3 – Creation of the User Interface designs
4 – Implementation of the UI deigns
5 – Test and iterate

Final words

To work with Heineken was a dream job and a very valuable experience. It’s a brand with a lot of experience working with advertising agencies and creating innovative products and it works my first job having a lead role.