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HEMA loyalty membership app

HEMA is a Dutch discount retail chain that started life as a dimestore in 1926, currently having more than seven hundred shops in Netherlands, France, UK, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain

Context of the project

HEMA just launched a new branding. It was a soft redesign of the brand but making it more modern and clean. This new style was needed to be implemented in all their digital products. TBWA / Mobile was assigned to make their new Loyalty Membership Mobile App. And I was hired by the agency to create the UI of the 1st stage of the project.


HEMA is a big thing in Netherlands. Their shops are everywhere. You can find easily random people enjoying their famous 


We had to create a coupon loyalty program for IOS and Android. So the client could storage points  to redeem vouchers. One of the challenge was to coordinate with the different agencies working within such a big project. 

It was my 1st big gig as a freelancer and I was quite impressed by the situation. I never worked before with TBWA\Mobile and I wanted to look good. I also was living in Netherland for six year by then so I was quite a fan of HEMA (I’m honest here, I love the fact that I can buy a hot dog and new notebooks in the same place), which made me bit more nervous.

Working close to the client (literally)

To create a fully functional loyalty coupon program, one  that works in real life situations, you need to have (dah..) a functional product to integrate in your product. 

To do so I worked one or two days per week in HEMA headquarters with the team assigned to create this program. HEMA HQ is a really cool place, completed branded with the new design. Even the building is designed with the same principles of simplicity and and fun. 

To work with a HEMA team in their HQ was a very good experience. We could iterate the prototype quickly. We had easy/short meetings to keep everybody on the same page during every step.

The work process

On the first week I created a basic interactive prototype of the app based on the documentation about the program and adapting the designs of the new HEMA branding. 

After that I worked with a remote team of developers using Scrum method and weekly sprints. The client was involved during all the process helping us to shape the correct flow of the Coupon program.

More about the design

I worked close to the agency that created the new branding and with the agency who made the e-commerce site. It was a 6 weeks project and I designed more than forty screens.

Long story short

My first big gig as a freelancer was an easy going collaboration with a big dutch retail brand. I had the chance to improve my remote-job communication skills, I created an interesting e-commerce product working closely with the client and I collaborated with the amazing people from TBWA\Mobile. I can say I’m pretty happy about the result. And, last point, my job was finished before the launch of the app but the ending product is very similar to my work for HEMA, so I guess they were happy too 

The app is available in apple store and google play