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ayondo pro – for professionals

FinTech UI with a “pro” look and feel

We are very happy to announce our new home site at ayondo 👇🏼


This was our previous one 👇🏼

Our Hypothesis

Clear benefit explained on top of the site with a trustworthy person (looking directly to our users eyes) on the background plus clear Call To Action (just one, but repeated along the page) mixed with our product advantage, all this in a easy to navigate trough site should improve our conversions rate. 


We started to work on this new concept as part of a Google Munich Workshop during October 2018. The goal of the Workshop was to improve (focusing on mobile) the home page of our company using the Google Design Sprint approach. We decided to took advantage of the course and try to improve the home page for desktops and tablets as well.

The results

We tested both designs using Google Optimize and the results were clear. Our hypothesis got validated 🙌🏼