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ayondo new site

Redesign of a web using Google Design Sprint method


Before ayondo’s new home site launch we created a test against our previous site. The results were positive, so we implemented the new approach on our two main product landing pages. We tested these LPs too, positive results again. Yay! 


We’ve implemented e-commerce recommended design strategies, such as: 

  • Show what can we do for our clients, with just few words, at the beginning of the site
  • Keep JUST ONE Call To Action and keep it always visible 
  • Explain the benefits of being our clients
  • Show Payment logos we accept to give confidence
  • Extra touch: Adding the photo of a business-type young person looking directly to the eyes of our users may increase trustworthiness and security

Our Hypothesis was that making a simple site that just shows the benefits and ask the user to do one thing (CTA) in a trustworthy, modern way would increase the conversions.


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