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Kirsten Schwalgien

Gesamtkunstwerk.Def.: an artwork or creative endeavour where different typologies and processes come together to create a coherent, beautiful whole.

What is luxury? For me, luxury is a powerful EMOTION. It is a feeling generated when we relate to beauty, be it manmade or from the natural world.

I create BEAUTY through design. My approach to design is that it must be both universal and innovative, AVANTGARD in the classic sense, yet never over stimulating the senses. I choose harmony over loud, empty statements.


I work with unrelenting attention to DETAIL and CRAFTSMANSHIP. I accept the relationship with my clients as an integral part of the process, creating a bespoke concept that fully RESONATES with their emotional and practical desires.

I push the boundaries of TECHNIQUE. Nothing is impossible. Challenges are met with the correct conceptualization and by embracing INNOVATION.

I come from a small town in Germany, but am connected to the ocean. I am a PIONEER in the design and construction of sophisticated, high-end yacht interiors and exteriors. This UNCONVENTIONAL training shapes my architectural interiors, where all these values come together to create the ultimate goal - Gesamtkunstwerk.