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Heineken Experience app

For Android and IOS.


As a tourist in Amsterdam and visitor of the Heineken Experience I need to translate to my own language all the videos and text in the museum, they are just in dutch and english.

Problem Definition

Heineken Experiences is the old brewery were everything started. Nowadays is a tribute / museum to the world famous green bottle beer. It’s a very popular spot for tourists discovering Amsterdam for first time, specially among young people. How to translate the Heineken Experience to seven different languages, without loosing ourselves in the translation?


Tourist visiting Heineken Experience Amsterdam who talked russian, chinese, spanish, french, english.

Team / Role 

M2Mobi, 2 developers, android and iPhone. 2 main contacts from Heineken team. My product owner. I was interaction designer, visual designer and scrum master.


Short time frame, new team of developers, first project I worked as scrum master, product owner small availability. Time was our main constraint.

Design Process

We had few meeting inside private rooms in the Heineken Experience, what is pretty cool cause those rooms look like old libraries and bars. We experienced the factory and museum by ourselves twice to be under our users skin. I started with the sketches and flow maps. When a visitor goes trough the Heineken Experience museum the visit is linear (yes, like IKEA), so everybody can see and experience the Heineken History in the proper order. That made our flow map and user interaction extremely simple. We decided the home page of the app would be an overview of the different rooms of the museum (ordered in the same way). Tapping on the different rooms the user can access to the same videos of the room but in the user’s native language. We highlighted trough a colours code which rooms has the user visited or will visit next.


The app has around 500.000 downloads and a 4 stars average rating in google play and in the apple store, so we are pretty happy about the results.