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Unconventional Beauty​

Unconventional Beauty

pushes the boundaries of established dogma.

It brings out exquisiteness in

all materials,

however humble, with a mastery of techniques, old and new.

It is nurtured by a relationship with clients who are also non-conformist;

those that understand design exists to feed our senses, stimulate human interaction, and make us feel at ease.

Unconventional Beauty is born of a love for the avant-garde

and confidence in true modernity. It is executed by fresh thinkers and risk takers.

It says luxury is an emotion, multi-dimensional, and is must be constantly revised. 

Unconventional Beauty is subjective by nature,
but the quest for it is universal.
When achieved, it triggers timelessness, pleasure, and even enlightenment.

Kirsten Schwalgien Design

approaches design with an artist’s eye to create extraordinary environments for the yachting, high-end residential and workspaces.

By carefully aiming for the unconventional in every single detail, process and decision, Kirsten Schwalgien Design achieves Gesamtkunstwerk*
*a space that exists as a unified, coherent, and uncompromising work of art.

“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.”

October 1943

Winston Churchill

Carrer Casp, 41, Atico B
08010 Barcelona Spain
+34 933 154 573​